Hello, Could I get a opinion, on what size Gaia, everlast air bags to get. This would be for a Nova Craft prospector 16 canoe. I would be using the North Water air bag tie down kit. I want to use bow and stern bags, but want the wife to have some foot room. Looks like I need the el-short solo which is 36 long x 34 wide x 23 deep. OR should I use the, el Tandem solo end bags that are shaped like a triangle? THANKS:Ravenwolf;

For tandem use, go with the 36 inch bags
Your wife might need to slide her feet a bit under the front bag when sitting.

Often you can work out this sort of thing by laying out the bag, seat, and person layout on a picture of your canoe from above, which you can capture from their website. Just the usual right click and save as steps, then print the picture.

CANCEL THAT. Use the el tandem
pair, which are shorter, less costly, and quite adequate for tandem use. I went to the Gaia site and checked the specs.

end bags shaped like a triangle
I have the same boat with those type bags and the Northwater tied down kit. There’s plenty of room for your wife’s feet.

Get the Everlast el tandem end bags. They are nice and light and will provide adequate flotation unless you are planning to do some heavy duty whitewater. In that case, I would still go with the el tandem end bags, but add a center bag.

Looks, like a go on the bags; thanks;