Air brushing graphics on Gel-coat

What type of paint you can shoot through an air brush that will stick to gel-coat? I am just tossing around the idea of adding some personal touches to my yak. I know the gel-coat will need to be roughed up prior to painting and then sealed again after the graphics are added. I would just hate to use a paint that is not compatible… Thanks!

Gelcoat makes fo a near perfect 'primer’
Soap n water then a wipe with acetone then a light wetsand prior to paint. 600 is enough for graphics but check with airbrush person to see what they like. Later you can still ‘knock’ the paint off and rebuff prior to selling if you wanted.

Good info!
Thanks Patrick!

It is nice to know that the graphics can be easily removed.

Automotive paint?
Is it automotive paint that people are using over gel coat?

Yes automotive paint

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Or enamel - same thing, just different pricing and sometimes quality.

A lot of truck bodies and some autos are fiberglass. I once fixed the bow of a friends Anas that was damaged and once the glass was done and sanded smooth, I sprayed a coat of auto primer. Wet sanded that and used a spray can and painted the damaged bow white. The match was pretty good and it held up fine.

If somebody is doing a simple design, you could buy several cans of the auto touch-up colors and use that.