air horn

I just saw an air horn that is used without compressed air. You simply blow into a little hole on the side. Where can I find one or three of these? They are the greatest thing since canned beer! Seriously…everyone should have one in their kit…simply amazing the sound and volume out of this thing.


Nystrom turned me on to these
and clc or pygmy carrries them. Your only pocketworthy chance of being heard over surf

I have occasionally seen them…
…in boating supply stores, but they typically carry the larger size, which is too big to fit in a PFD pocket. The smaller one works great for kayaking. BTW, it’s called the SeaSense “Safety Blaster Horn”. They cost ~$10. A quick Google search turned up this link:

This appears to be the smaller version, which is the one you want.

When I contacted SeaSense a while back, they told me that Kmart was selling them, but I’ve never seen them in our local stores.

Apparently, Orion is now selling them:

If this is the right size, any boating supplier should be able to order one for you, since most of them carry Orion products.

Are they as loud
as the compressed air cannisters? We carry the compressed air horns along with pepper spray because we camp in grizzly bear territory.

Loud loud.
Yep, it makes my ears ring when I use mine.

found them on the pygmy site
11 bucks. well worth the investment. seriously.


at See Bynstrom’s link above. Great stocking stuffers.

makes one, a pint soda bottle for the air supply, that is recharged with a bicycle air pump. It is much larger obviously that the PFD size being discussed. The make a model that has mounts for bicycle handelbars and one w/o.

I’ve seen them…

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and the problem is when you attempt to use them with water in them, same as any other horn...they don't work well with water in the reed/diaphram area....

Since each has it's strong points, I've opted for using the compressed air horns sold at Wal-Mart...I just carry an extra horn in a drybag for use if the one on the PFD runs out of gas mid-trip. The Small version is about 3/4" in diameter and 3 to 4" tall....

ordered a couple
cheap enough. I got a call from Pygmy saying that their server was giving them problems so I cancelled the order and ordered from I boat. Was going to order a couple of other things from I boat until I realized that they wasnted to charge me shipping for various items from various locations… shipping bill came up to more than the air horns because I wanted a couple more items (small) that they had in “other locations”

Not right that a company tries to get the consumer to pay for shipping because they choose to have items in different warehouses. Especially something as light and as small as these things…80 cents shipping through USPS for chrissakes.


sorry. end of rant

I just checked iboat
I just checked “iboat”, and they would want me to pay $5.73 cents shipping and handling, for a $7.88 cent horn. Not me man!!!

Does any walk in type “store” sell these?

$13.61 with free shipping sound better?

Let me guess, Jeff’s? NM

sheesh Greyak!
can’t keep any secrets from you at all!


ps: want one?


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When in trouble, cup your hand under your axilla (aka armpit) on the opposite side and flap your arm up and down like a chicken and make a farty sound with your 'pit, like we did in Junior High PE to scare the girlies. For some odd reason, that subtle farting sound carries, and help just might be on its way. Sort of like a dog whistle that way.

No thanks - I’m into stealth
Most of the time I’d prefer the other boaters don’t see me or at least pay me no mind.

They are easier to deal with that way than when misjudging my speed (often), over steering, etc. Gererally better of they just operate as if I’m not there.

In anything approaching a collision hazard (haven’t been even remotely close to having a problem - though I have been very close to other boats - maybe enough to unnerve some paddlers - like playing “Frogger” crossing busy channels) I’d rather keep both hands on the paddle so I can get out of the way and stay in control if hit by a bow wave or some twisty stern wash.

Don’t really think I’d have time to stop and belt out a tune on some kazoo on steroids! In these situations - if I have time to take out a horn and blow it - I didn’t need to. Probably just confuse the boater(s) anyway if they heard it.

If in distress - I’ll VHF (or Cell, or wave frantically, or use that silly whistle, or pop a flare ['cept I don’t carry ‘em on local day paddles]…)

Short answer: Can’t really see how I’d use a horn, and I’ve got enough paddling junk already.


Building comment of the day: Ash is friggin’ HARD wood!!!

Sorry cooldoctor1,
but if I heard that sound I’d probably head the OTHER direction.

Ash rots.

Won’t be submerged/wet long term
Only masik/knee brace/foot brace are ash. It will be oiled prior to skinning - will be in salt more than fresh - and will get to dry after each use.

These parts will be used more like a tool handle than a hull component. I’ve used a lot of ash handled tools in wet conditions - left outside - with no trouble. Figure it should be OK for these parts as long as they are not kept wet long term. I don’t care if it turns black - as long as it stays sound.

I was going to use oak - with ash or maple a second choice - but found a nice piece of ash first. Rest of frame is pine, ribs white oak.

kazoo on steroids
LOL, good one.

I bought one of those Fox whistles. The day I brought it home from the store, of course I had to try it out…in the kitchen. BTW I’m 80 percent deaf in my right ear and have screaming tinnitus 24/7 (pre-existing condition, not the result of the whistle :).

Anyway, my first halfhearted puff through the pealess whistle resulted in little more than a shush of air. I though the thing was broke so on my second attempt I wound up like I was preparing to launch a dart from a blowgun.

I really hope the resulting pain was due to conducting the experiment indoors. The darn thing is so shrill that I think it could make an effective close quarters weapon. It will most certainly have to be a life or death situation before I blow on that whistle ever again.