Air shuttle service

I am in the process of planning a 30 day river canoe trip in Northern Ontario with a group of 8 people (4 canoes) in the summer. We are planning to travel 1200kms on the trip. Does anyone know approximately how much it would cost to book a chartered flight to bring us and our boats back to our start point? A very rough estimate would be suffice, as I will quickly know if it is out of our price range.

Can you narrow the range of where you want to fly ? Depends on the aircraft you choose and that depends on the area.
How many air miles for the outbound and how many for the return flight. You will likely need two single Otters. A Beaver can only take one canoe and two people each way.

Usually that runs us in Wabakimi 800 per person for a 45 minute flight. One way. DeHaviland Beaver
You will get way more suggestions at rather than here.

Thanks for the reply. I am looking to get just a one way return flight from Hudson Bay, at the mouth of the Albany River (if possible) back to Pickle Lake. I will give that website a look. Thanks

Also. look at Pak Canoes like the 170. Flight might be cheaper & easier if you can pack the boat into a bag. i understand that they are expedition proven.

Second the suggestion to look at getting a Pakcanoe or Ally folding canoe. Standard craft for many remote outfitters for fly-in remote locations. You might end up saving enough money over booking the additional flights that would be necessary for 4 rigid canoes to justify buying the boats.

Try calling Osnaburgh Air . They are out of Pickle Lake You have to pay for round trip anyway. Ft Albany might have some air services also.

Thank you all for the replies, I greatly appreciate it. I have contacted Osnaburgh Air to get an estimate from them and depending on their capacity for boats I will discuss the idea of Pak Canoes with my group.

Your question is actually complicated and hard to answer. Remoteness matters a lot. Some pilots will haul canoes outside the cabin, some won’t. Sometimes you can take the thwarts and seats out of your canoes, and stack them in the cabin. Sometimes they won;t fit. Eight people and 4 canoes is probably going to take two flights or a large air craft like a Twin Otter . You best bet is to contact the pilots directly.

Consider bringing rafts, inflatable canoes or frame and skins canoes because they fit in aircraft so much easier.