Air Travel with Sea Kayak

What is the current status of air travel with a sea kayak? Which airlines are kayak friendly? And what is the best way to get up to date info on this subject? Thank you in advance.

’kayak, No mam, that’s a set of golf clubs…’

I say it’s a tent
Southwest does not care and lets it go.

my suggestion…
How big is the kayak? Are you talking about a folder?

My suggestion - life is much, much easier and less expensive if you ground ship your stuff rather than trying to fly w/ it. The airline fees will kill you these days.

For the AL trip, I shipped everything (camping gear, folder, paddles, etc) by DHL ground and it arrived in plenty of time. I shudder to think of the airport hassles with it. It can be done - don’t get me wrong - but it’s a hassle and more expen$ive if you take it on the plane.

On the return, we dropped by DHL again on the way to the airport and dropped it off. 10-minutes and we were done. That was on a Tuesday and the stuff arrived on Friday. Simple.

Ship from USA to EUROPE
Does anybody know how much cost shipping a kayak to Europe from USA? Obiously I think cheapest way would be by ship.

Thank you


Specifically, what kind of sea kayak?

Rent When You Get There

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But then I am a SOT boater anyway, so I am more than happy to rent a Scupper Pro or Malibu when I get to where I am going.

Good kayak destinations usually have rental places. I did an exploration trip up to Mendocino coast last year in the van, and had no problem hooking up.

Same thing when I went to Baja