Air tubes?

I just got my prijon kodiak in yesterday. I am not familiar with sea kayaks, being a canoe man myself. I bought this kayak for one expedition. I have a few questions about the design, it came with no paperwork. There are air tubes that run the length of the kayak and come out the back? What are they for, maybe equalizing pressure? I’m not sure. There is also a cord that is attached to the aft with an adjustable loop on the end, does not look like it’s for the rudder. Thanks for your help.

Does it have a rudder?
A common method for routing control cables is to run 1/4" ID tubing from the stern exterior, through the rear compartment,through the rear bulkhead and into the cockpit.


Get the manual
Give Prijon a call. I’m sure they’d be happy to send you a manaul.

The ‘air tubes’ have the rudder cables
inside them. The rope you saw is how you deploy and retract the rudder.

They are for a rudder
I believe most prijon kayaks come from the factory with the pieces/parts installed for adding a rudder. The “air tubes” are for the rudder cables, they slide inside the tubes. The piece of rope with adjustable plastic slide would hold the rudder in place for transport. It slides over the rudder to keep it up when cartopping.

It is very easy to add a rudder to prijons since they ship this way…

That makes sense!! All I had to do was ask. I believe it did have a rudder at one time, but it was removed before it was sold to me. Thank you