Airalite and BIC

I looked at one of these today and it is lightweight and appears fast. While it is not a Sit on, it looks like it could do the job. Since the dealer is not located where it can be tested I am looking for feedback. Also, has anyone tried one of the new BIC sit ons?

surely ARE SOTs. Take a look at the Scapa -we discussed it on our yakfishing site 6-7 months ago, and most of us liked it, tho’ we DID think it might not be the best for fishing prowess, where more stability, ability to carry stuff, and a little less speed are the preferred design features. It was our opinion that it was more of a speed machine; I guess we were right -here’s what the Bic website has to say about it:

“The easy-ride speed machine

Futuristic lines, narrow prow and fluid hull lines, the SCAPA is designed for excellent glide. The sensations you get befit its race design, with the safety of the Sit-on-top system. Designed for sea and speed, this is a sport boat aimed at fast distance paddling and fitness. It’s ideal for learning sea kayak because of its docile character allowing you to carry a child passenger in complete safety (extra seat fitted as standard). Even in the most difficult sea conditions, the SCAPA runs straight and true with its smooth glide and reassuring stability. The auto-emptying rear stowage area behind the seat allows you to carry water, equipment bag, under water gear etc. The elastic straps fitted along each side are designed to hold your baggage. A cover net offers a second stowage area forward of the cockpit.”

They’re 14’5"L X 25.9"W X 46.3 pounds -not too shabby at all.

So you might take a small dog or kid, according to them, tho’ I would NOT -it just doesn’t seem that it would be stable enough with a playful pooch prowling the perimeter.

But most assuredly and definitely it’s an SOT, and it looks to be a pretty sleek design and at 25.9" beam, it ain’t fat so it should go…

There seems to be a few places -not many, but a few -that carry them -you ought to see about trying to get a demo.

And maybe, before you know it, you’ll have a boat yhou can easily tote and -of cours,

Paddle On!

-Frank in Miami

Perception, Aeralite

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Cathy,,the only light Perception thermoplastic boats are the small ones like the Sonoma 13,,the larger ones,Carolina/Eclipse are only four pounds lighter than the rotomolded polyethelene ones. For the $400 dollar difference I'd get two good paddles. Oops,,you're talking about BIC,,not BIG,,sorry.