Airalite Repair

Does anyone have any experience repairing Airalite? How about for a break completely through?

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I would email perception
for instructions.

I’d be interested to see what they suggested. I’ve heard through the grapevine that you can apply glass layers to the airalite to strengthen the repair.

But i’d need to see a “good” picture of the process to see how it would adhere.

Perception Repair Recommendations
Actually it appears to be pretty easy - Perception recommends Super Glue, Polyester Resin, and Methyl Methacrylate, and an inside fiberglass patch, if necessary.

I can email a copy of their instructions to anyone interested.

JH Bahn

I’ve read the instructions…
…you forwarded, & I don’t think they are suggesting fiberglass mesh, but rather common plastic food wrap (like Reynolds makes) in conjunction with the superglue for larger cracks & holes.

I’m still not clear how large a hole can be repaired with this easy process, but am wondering why the manufacturer(s) could not simply supply patch pieces of material.

If even large holes in this material can be easily & effectively repaired, skeptics like Eric (who posted above) may be forced to take a second look at it, or at least find another reason to be “adverse” to it.

I am also interested in how this
happened. I am considering a boat madfe of that material, but certainly don’t want a fragile hull.

Superglue question.

In my experiences with superglue a lot of the time the glue will eventually let go. I was told that is due to the fact that superglue continues to harden, dry out, shrink, and eventually “pop” away from the material it is on.

Was told that superglue gel was a better product for longer bonds as it keeps more if it’s elasticity and therefore holds longer.

I first ran across this reataching auto mirrors to the windshield. Then other places that involved hard smooth surfaces.

If these facts are true for your material as well it would seem superglue gel to be the better solution.

Anyone else experience the popping effect of superglue? Anyone else have experience with the superglue/superglue gel differences or comments about it?


What Happened
I forgot to mention - it was run through with a fork lift. It is actually a pretty clean break, but clear through the hull in the stern below the waterline.

For a complete break Perception reccommends a fiberglass patch on the inside, they even suggest polyester resin. For finish they recommend wet sanding with 400 grit.

I think if I add white pigment to epoxy (I recommend West or System Three) I think it will be virtually unnoticable when sanded and polished.