Years ago this was supposed to be a miracle material; cheap and durable as poly, and rigid as fg.

It has now disappeared.

Did something turn out to be wrong with it?

I am looking at a used airalite kayak that is exactly what I want, but if the material is no good…


I have a Sonoma in Airalite
I bought the Sonoma used from a guy who posted a review on it in 2009, so it is at least seven years old. The materail seems robust. At least in this instance, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with Airalite.

Just 1 data point, but more than you had before!


I believe Perception still uses it.

And I think slight variations of this material are used in other thermoformed kayaks.

So still out there and used.

My Sonoma 13.5 seems robust.
My Eddylines made of carbonlite 2000 seemed pretty tough.

It’s all ABS plastic
Regardless of what Eddyline or Perception or Wildy, or Current Designs or Delta calls it, it’s ABS plastic. Life expectancy isn’t as great as with fiberglass, and impact resistance isn’t what you get with polyethylene, but it does a good job of splitting the middle.

Trade names
Yep, trade names for materials come and go, the materials stay the same.

Every builder seems to have their own pet name for ABS, it’s still the same basic material.

Bill H.