AIRE - Inflatable Kayak - Repair

I have a used, old inflatable AIRE Super Lynx and have taken it on my first float which was great. I noticed, however, at the end of the trip that the middle floor seemed low on pressure. When I got home I figured out once I had unzipped the boat, that one of the valves on the floor bladder seemed to have a small leak next to it. It seems as though the glue holding it has given up. I was wondering, instead of having to replace the entire middle floor bladder, if there was a way to repair this slow leak? If so, what products and techniques should I use? I have seen some online videos and posts about using an internal seam sealant. PLEASE, any and all help you be much appreciated! Cheers and happy paddling…

May just need to replace the valve.

– Last Updated: Jun-28-16 3:49 PM EST –

The fact that it's "next to the valve" could mean you just need to replace the valve which is possibly something you could do yourself at little cost. It's even possible the two parts of the valve have merely separated a little in which case you'd need to take a valve wrench to it, but I'm not sure if the older B7s were a two piece design. I'd suggest calling Aire for some guidance. They're nice folks and won't mind helping you sort it out if they can. Don't go with the interior sealant kit. Those are intended for rafters who need to get a few more miles out of boats that are destined to be scrapped soon. In most cases they have porosity issues.