Airis inflatables from Walker Bay

I looked at the one reveiw posted and a mention of it one post, but was wondering if anyone had any updated experience with this boat and whether you like/dislike it, why, etc.


Native, a kayak shop here
in Sacramento has them. Appears to be a very well made sit on top. When inflated, they are stiff as a board and should make an excellent play kayak. I would imagine they would be great for whitewater and surf, especially with thier fins. They are pretty pricy though.

Thanks Jim
I took the plunge and bought an Airis Sport 11. Took it out today. It doesn’t track as well as they said, but still pretty well for a boat that size, width, and with such a flat bottom. But it is highly maneuverable, responsive, fun to paddle, and so easy to set up that it’s laughable. Right out of the bag, you inflate and go: I was ready to paddle in less than 10 minutes. I even saved time from that by filling it at home, then letting out just enough air to be able to fold it in half and put it in the back of my pickup. It was spendy - you’re right, but the quality you get is VERY high. I paddled on flay water today and don’t know if I’ll do that very often, but I agree: great surfing/wiver boat.

Thanks again for the feedback.