Airline travel with PakCanoe

Does anyone have experience traveling with a PakCanoe or Ally on Delta and/or Alaska Airlines? Specifically, as a 3rd checked bag. Any hassles or issues? Thanks!

Delta limits checked bags to a total of L + W + H= 62". PakCanoes exceed this as do Ally canoes. Alaska Airlines has the same limit.

Unless you could work out something with the airlines you would probably have to ship it air freight.

Weird. Most airlines allow you to check a bicycle. Bike boxes go way beyond 62".

And skis. Many (most ?) skis bags are longer than 62", never mind added width an depth. Maybe there are special exemptions for some items.

Thank you!


I’ve traveled with folders for 20 years and last year packed up an 18’ Ally to ship it cross country.

My advice for airline travel: split it up into various “standard” sport carrier bags. The airlines get goofy about unfamiliar curiosities like “folding boats” and tend to give people a hard time about them. But they are used to downhill ski and golf bags and don’t get as pissy-nit picky about dimensions, in my experience.

Cruise thrift stores to get a hard shell travel golf bag to carry the poles (paddles would probably fit too) and check the luggage departments at stores like TJ Maxx for large rolling duffel bags of the sort hockey goalies and other sports folk use for bulky gear. i have a Timberland rolling duffel ($59.99 from TJ Maxx) that I could probably smuggle my own carcass in that fits my largest and bulkiest folder skin (a 15’ Feathercraft java). It’s 48" long and 22" by 30" so a combined length of 100", still 15" under the Delta maximum. Just make sure you don’t overstuff it to exceed the dimensional restrictions.

You just need to make sure each piece of baggage is under 50 pounds and is a familiar shape that the handlers are used to accommodating.

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Good ideas from Willowleaf. I would add, that if you have time to shop around, I have seen many many pieces of luggage in thrift stores, up to and including enormous sizes, wheeled duffels, hockey bags, etc. Not always pretty, and be sure to test all the zippers - but WAY cheaper than new.

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Thanks Willowleaf