Akuilisaq Tiderace Xpore-M

Anyone have a suggestion for an Akuilisaq for a Tiderace cockpit.

John, have you checked with Brooks? I have an akuilisaq from them, custom made several years ago, that fits commercial coamings on a couple of my kayaks.


can make oneā€¦

Best Wishes


Comfort or handmade
A friend and I made Skin on Frame kayaks last summer. He bought an Akuilisaq from Paulo http://comfortpaddling.net/ for his and it was a very nice bit of gear. I made my own from neoprene and plans and articles I found online. Either option works well depending on what you are comfortable with.

Interestingly, I just bought a TideRace Xcite, but I use a regular Reed skirt with that.


Hi John,

Try the one made by Reed. Go to Northern Light Paddles and order one for $99. Good buy.