Alafia River State Park, Florida ?

Has any one here ever camped there ?

If yes how is that river for paddling ?

Can you get several or more days of paddling different sections, or is it a one day deal ?

Jack L

Ten miles between two county parks
is designated as a FL paddling trail. One of the links says the river is choked or blocked a lot upstream, and that downstream from the designated trail, the Alafia broadens out and there is motorboat traffic.

Don’t know about the camping at the state park. I guess it is downstream on the motorboat section. Links you may have already.

Have daytripped the Alafia . . .
. . . which was one of Mike Galt’s favorite rivers.

The section I ran was from Alderman’s Ford to Alafia River Canoe Rentals, whom I paid a then reasonable fee to shuttle my Lotus Caper up to the put-in.

That river section was very appealing to me, as I recall. It had shoals creating quasi-rapids and even a surfing wave at one point. The outfitter had a nice canoe washing station at their facility, which was the take-out.

The river was certainly paddleable downstream of the outfitter take-out and, on the day I paddled it, it was paddleable upstream from the put-in. I suspect you could get three day trips out of the Alafia if the water is high enough.

I didn’t stay in the state park, but rather a crowded trailer park in Brandon, where one could toss cans of Busch on the ground, dance with toothless women or ogle $500,000 motor homes. (I did only one of the above.)

Hi Jack,
It’s a VERY lovely day trip paddle. Unique character for a Florida stream. The State Park was fine for trailer camping, no complaints that I can remember. Deb’s not home just now, so I can’t run it by her.

Lithia Springs has a county park with camping that I have not stayed at, but recall thinking it quite superior to the state park.

C’mon back, you’ve missed some good rivers!


I’m tempted to come back

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It is 42 here right now and the wind is blowing strong out of the north.
I have the wood fireplace blazing

looking forward to paddling in the big lake down off the mountain tomorrow, where it should be warmer

Thanks for the info

Jack L