Alamax Fins

Need some help locating a set of fins for a W/S Alamax. Located in CT.

Thanks ahead,


That’s An Oldie…
might want to check surfzone/BT. Have tried it without fins yet? Think I remember some chatter that the box locations were wrong on that boat.

Good luck.


Good Luck …
That’s an ancient piece of plastic. You might have to make your own fins. I paddled one a very long time ago and it did not have fins installed -it will probably be fine for knocking about and learning to use your paddle as a fin/rudder without fins. It’s not a real hot performing boat on a steep waveface.

Wow! There’s two still in existence?
I thought I might have the last one! I made a fin out of an HDPE cutting board, a couple speed nuts and bolts. It’s been fine for what I do with it for the past few years, but needs replacing now. Yeah, the boxes are way too far back for surfing, but adding just one to the center gives it loads more handling off the waves. And yes, the tail is long and too bouyant for most waves. It may be suited for long off-shore breaks though…not a good enough surfer to make that call.

Look for fins made for the Wildy Kaos. They look about right, and as I recall, the Kaos was the SOT designed after the the Alamax…with a more surfable backside.