Alaska bound...August

Heading up for some kayak fishing, flyfishing, camping and touring. Heading to Ketchikan area (Subject to change if circumstance present themselves.)

Anyone having similiar plans, or interested in the going? Halibut, Salmon and Rockfish from a Kayak ought to be a blast.


Good luck. Going to rent a kayak?

That is the plan… Trying to go on the
CHEAP… Airfair is only $532.00 round trip from Orlando! Alaska Airlines allows one extra bag, beyond the normal three,that is fishing/hunting equipment forall flights to and from Alaska. That mean I have room for a freezer box of fish. :smiley:

Camping is cheap, $10.00 a night in campgrounds with facilities, cheaper in the forest.

Remote Cabins can be ented in the National Forest for $45.00 a night and sleep 4-6.

The kayaks come set up for fishing with depthfinders, and are $50.00 a day.

Cabins could be paddled to, as some are about 10 miles form Ketchikan, the best are closer to 30, but a shuttle to them is costly.

The only other real cost is food… Catching fresh fish makes that cheap too.


I’ll settle for an Arkansas vacation.
April and May are my favorite times up there, but it will be summer and hot before I get a chance to go. Probably just go fish the Brazos a couple of times. A friend is catching 100+ lb alligator gar up there.

You can’t beat fishing in AK

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I was in Alaska last June... Homer and waaaaay up on the Nushigak. We did our salmon fishing from 15-foot johnboats and it was a blast. The halibut fishing was a little different. We rented a boat and were casting in 75-100 feet of water. It's like trying to drag up a dead body. :D

I am trying to make different parts of
Alaska my annual pilgrimage.

Beautiful country.