Alaska-canoe race-400 miles

Anyone know of it?

the Yukon River Quest

with paddle-to-the-sea, I believe he has raced it as has Brien McDonald and John Derr of the New York Marathon Canoe racing Association.9 see the benifits of posting your profile!)

Yeah me
Yeah its the YUKON Quest

Its NOT in alsaska but in Yukon Territory

Its 770 km long or about 450 miles.

Its a great race probably 50 teams this year.

It took me about 53 hours to paddle and we were about 8 hours behind the winner.

Need any pointers?

Drop me an email


Building a boat for it right now.

…to all responders!

Check out the Canadian
site there are several chaps who paddled it. I plan to do the trip but not in a race. I hiked the Chilkoot trail and want to continue the water leg to Dawson or possibly further up to Eagle. There is a bus that runs from Dawson to Whitehorse so a shuttle is no problem. The Yukon really moves so it more of a float. Talked to some Brits who did it a couple of years ago and said it wasn’t difficult except they dumped in a swirlly. They had almost no canoe experience though. Only one rapid the Five Finger Rapid which is no problem if you go down the right finger. While you’re on the Yukon section of check out what the kayakgodess had to say about her grizzle bear encounter. Wow!