Alaska canoe route needed

My wife and I are headed to Alaska in June. We’ll be renting a car and traveling between Denali and Kodiak Island for 10 days. Somewhere along the route we would like to take a river canoe trip. Preferably into an area that is very scenic and has some fish in it to catch. We’ll need to rent a canoe while we’re there and we’re only planning on a day trip.

Any suggestions?

The little Sue River is on the way

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to Denali..its a sixty mile trip with easy put in and take out..Tippy Canoe rentals is up that way, but I think they stopped renting for Little the net for the Nancy Lake Canoe trails....oops..only planning a day trip..? hmmmm
I guess you could make a day trip on the little sue , but you need someone to pick you up which would be much more difficult, as in who would that be..think about the canoe trail in the Nancy Lake area..the lake fishing is best just after break up...try your questions here and you may get some usefull info...good luck