Alaska Fishing/Paddling Trip

Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place but I wondered if anyone out there could recommend a good place to canoe and fish in Alaska. I am looking for something that would be similar to a BWCA trip.


Wood-Tikchik State Park…
I’ve done several different river trips in Alaska. The last one was on the Kisaralik River, which would be doable in a canoe but has some whitewater and a lot of technical fast water through strainers and logjams. Canoes are usable on some Alaskan rivers, but your margin for error on those very cold, fast rivers is pretty thin. The closest thing to a Boundary Waters type canoe trip would probably be in Wood-Tikchik State Park, the largest state park in the U.S. There are five big lakes, all at least 15 miles long, connected by short sections of rivers. There is at least one outfitter that runs trips on those lakes…don’t remember the name right now but you can find it on the web.

Wood Tickchick
Thanks for the post, sounds intriguing. See below for State Park info:

Alaska canoe and fish
I suggest the Kenai River and National Wildlife Refuge for a couple of reasons. It’s a world class rainbow and salmon fishery (catch and release) with numerous lakes. If fact it’s Alaska’s premier hiking and canoe trail area. (A guide book is available at Amazon.) And a it’s easy to get to…just southwest of Anchorage. Lots of interesting cultural artifacts, good accomodations, great scenery and an opportunity for sea paddling at Homer spit. I drifted the river with a guide in a Mackenzie boat and caught over 20 big rainbows in a matter of a couple of hours. We passed grizzlies feasting on sockeye salmon as eagles soared overhead scouting the remains.