Alaska Inner Passage

My wife and I are toying with an unsupported kayak trip in the Alaska inner passage from northern Vancouver Island to Haines, and I would like to talk to anyone that has done the entire distance.

We have done quite a few day trips there , but would like to pick someones brains who have done the longer versions.

If you have done it would you please send me an e-mail.

We are tentatively planning it for the summer of 06.

Thanks in advance,


Ask your questions here…

Have you read “Homelands”…
…by Byron Ricks yet? It’s about kayaking the Inner Passage. I think you’ll find it entertaining and informative.

No offense intended, but…
…if I read that correctly, I have to pay 15 bucks and join their club, and then I don’t know if I will get any answers to my questions.



Thanks Bryan,
I’ll see if I can get it at a book store or the library.


No…the eddyline is free to anyone…

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you can subscribe to the eddyline email and ask anything paddle related...there is no charge...

Inside Passage
greetings JackL

I have not done the whole didtance that you are thinking about but last summer myself and some friends did the section from Ketchican to Skaway. A distance of about 400 miles. I think you are looking at more than a thousand miles. Glad to share any info I have with you.


While you’uns are out…
1000 miles at 25/day=40 days. Can I use your travel trailer then? Could even meet enroute and resupply your boats.