Alaska Trip pics


You guys finally shamed me into it, and Paula inspired me with her great trip pics.

P.S, Paula, can I go with you next time? I will bring the sun.

Everyone keeps saying they came to Alaska, had a great time, but it rained EVERY DAY. Well, it’s a secret we have here, we wait for you to come, spend your money, RAIN bucket loads on you, and you go home. That way you visit, and don’t stay. We are all a bunch of anti-social curmugeons.


I posted some trip pictures so that I could show you that the sun really does shine. I even have more than one trip, so that you see that the sun was not an anomaly on just one trip. If you view the website, you must promise not to tell anyone that we have actually have hot weather, so that our secret doesn’t get out.


Have fun,


We had a heat wave for a week and a half
No rain during that period, temps in the upper 80s to low 90s, WOW.

Before and after that heat wave, it did rain a fair bit.

June 2004, also the time of huge fires in BC.

Thanks Donna! :slight_smile:
I can never get enough of coastal Alaska! Many people dream of tropical “paddling paradise”, and there are indeed some of those, but for me, paradise is along the northern coasts; especially the Alaskan coast! :slight_smile: