Alchemy deck height... S vs L?


I know the Alchemy L has a 1.25" higher foredeck than the S version but I’m curious if there’s much difference in the deck heights up at the farthest forward foot position? I have a couple L versions I’ve brought in for friends but no S version with which to study.

I’m a tall skinny paddler, 6’-2"/170#/size 11 paws, and I’m thinking of adding an Alchemy S to my collection for river use. I like a snug fit and I’m no stranger to modding the WS T-boats. I’m hoping I can move the seat back 1-2" and fit my legs and NRS socks in there.

I’ve done this with a T-165 and it makes for a great snug-fitting day tripper. The Alchemy L is a nice boat but definitely more volume than I care to paddle.

Nearest dealer is a 12 hour round trip away and, of course, they don’t have the S version in stock either!

What say you Alchemy S paddlers - might I squeeze my way in?

I’m Sure You Can
I took out the stiffening hardware and moved the seat back in my Alchemy S. My buddy at about 6’4" and 200 lb enjoys paddling it.

I was hopin’ you’d…
pop in with a thought or two.

Your friend makes me look like a midget :slight_smile:

Does moving the seat back require removal of the stiffener hardware? I assume the boat handles all right without it?

Thank you Kudzu.

S has much less foot room.
I’m 5’6" and 160 lbs with size 8.5 men’s shoes and I tried the S and L for fit at Canoecopia a couple years ago and the L was way too loose on me, but my feet fit nicely. The S fit nicely except for too little foot room. I always wear booties, never just socks or barefoot.

If you move the seat back and wear socks instead of booties, you might have a chance.

I have both L and S sizes

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I also like a lower volume boat. I think your size 11 feet may be touching heels depending on your inseam length. I am 5'11" 190lbs with a 33" inseam size 10 shoes. I moved the seat back so the rear seat pan bolts became the front bolts, removed the stiffener running from the foam tower in the foot area to the seat, removed the foam tower to clear a WW style bulk head foot rest. and I had to re-work the thigh pads to allow for wet entry as they were really tight on me.
My wife is pissed because it was supposed to be her boat, now I am in it quite a bit.
I also changed to an immersion research back band to allow for a little more mobility laying back.
You may be able to move the seat backwards another 1 1/2" but it may hinder being able to lay out on the back deck. In my opinion the seats from the factory are mounted a little to far forward.

I think i did not answer question
There is a considerable difference between the L and S. In my L my heels are about 3 inches apart, I still have the stiffener rail installed, and it does not bother me. In the S my heels ride on the edge of the stiffener (about 2 inches of separation), so I removed the stiffener rail and put in a bulk head foot rest instead of foot pegs.

I am guessing your size 11 feet will be further forward for you unless you can move the seat back further, might be a tight fit.

It’s Been Awhile
but if I remember correctly the stiffening bar had to come out. The boat behaves nicely and so far no oil-canning.

Foot Room
I don’t get the foot room questions as I wear size 12 shoes and my feet almost always fit every boat, so I have to ask how are you running out of room?

I naturally figure you need to point your toes a little and maybe turn your feet out a little. By doing just a little of this my feet can fit in most any boat with most any shoes except boots that lock your ankles or crocs. I still can wear crocks in many boats.

So maybe the S will fit fine or maybe I’m just not getting this right?

Everyone’s physiology is…
a little different. Put a dozen people sitting on the floor with their legs & feet outstretched and you’ll see quite a variation.

I like low deck boats and I have a long in-seam. The way I sit and use my feet is obviously different than for you. I don’t have much bend in my legs when paddling - prefer a straight out manner which makes for a more vertical foot posture.

Different angles for different folks!

I don’t like pointing my feet.
Also, less foot room is needed if not using a foot controlled rudder. So, less foot clearance needed for non-ruddered boats.