Alchemy design changes?

I read somewhere that the Dagger Alchemy has some design improvements for 2014+ but can’t find any specifics. Anyone have any info on that?

I think…
No inside info, but I think the main one was a better bulkhead design - one that is less likely to leak with flexing of the hull. Maybe some seat changes also. But the hull is the same.

I got a reply
from Dagger… they said newer footbraces with larger foot pegs, and a more water-tight hatch. I thought maybe they had tweaked the seat but they didn’t mention it.

Smart Move
I really like the way my Alchemy behaves but that rear hatch takes on a lot of water.

I took out all that stiffening hardware in mine and moved the seat back. Feels good.

Alchemy is a great little boat…
Fun and easy to paddle, surfs pretty good. You don’t have to be a rock star to get that boat out in some bumpy conditions and have fun with it, very reassuring but maneuverable. Also fairly lightweight for it’s size.