Alchemy S vs Alchemy L

Anyone have on-water experience with both these boats? I know the S very well, having paddled it lots in rough water (wind, surf, tide-races) during the last year. But I have no seat time with the L sized version of this boat, so I’m wondering how its on-water performance compares (edging, rolling, maneuverability).

Thanks in advance for any advice you can share.

only difference is based on fit
Flatpick on this site is someone who works for Confluence. I talked with him about the difference, and he says the hull shape is the same between the two - the main difference is that the deck is lower on the S than the L. So maneuverability should be the same. Edging and rolling would be based on fit (and whether the back deck is taller on the L and gets in the way).

I own and paddle the L. I don’t fit in the S.

Peter, I appreciate your input. I fit the S, but my toes are a little pinched at the end of a long paddle. Not critical, but a bit of extra space would help. Don’t want to trade away any nimbleness, though.

I have both models
I like a lower volume, tight fitting boat, so I like the fit on the S better.

The only difference (other than fit) is that on really windy days when the boats have little or no gear gear loaded, the L is a little more prone to weathercock. I find the S to be remarkably neutral in windy conditions.

I like having the L around as a loaner for larger friends, or when I am wearing bulky clothing and shoes.

Sort of like having 2 pairs of jeans, the one that fits and a pair for fat times.

I Moved the Seat Back
I bought a used Alchemy S and moved the seat back. Much better. I took out all the whitewater stiffening/supporting stuff in order to do it.

I ain’t dead yet.