Aleut Bairdaka - Plans or Purchase?

I am searching for either plans for a Bairdaka (free or inexpensive) or someone who makes the Bairdaka who will give me some suggestions or let me examine close up photos as I start planning to construct one this winter.

All suggestions and any assistance welcome. Thank you, Auntie Coosa

Some books, etc.
The Alaskan Kayak - by Wolfgang Brinck


Baidarka - by George Dyson


Building Skin-On-Frame Boats - by Robert R. Morris


Also, some great info on the old Baidarka lisk. No longer active, but still searchable:

Some of these folks, and newer baidarka builders are also on the QajaqUSA forums:

George Dysons book
Read George Dysons book, he can be contacted here. I do not know him in person but have admired what he has done with Baidarkas and have consumed his book Baidarka several times along with the Book Starship and the Canoe about him and his father. a good starting point.

Good luck

Dyson, Baidarka and Co.

431 W. Holly St. (or 435)

Bellingham, WA 98225

Phone: 1 (360) 734-9226

George’s current e-mail is:

Providers of fabrics for skin on frame kayaks and baidarkas.

Dyson, Baidarka and Co. do not do business by internet. It seems to work best to contact them by phone.

tom Yost has a baidarka which is made using frames instead of bent ribs. If you are being traditional this is not for you. Otherwise it may be an option.


Check out David Zimmerley’s website at It has plans for several baidarkas as well as articles. The PDFs of the lines drawings are free and you can order plans including full scale cross-sections etc for $20.