Algonquin outfitters

I’m taking a handful of novice paddlers with me into Algonquin Provincial Park this June. I have my own equipment, but most of my fellow travellers will need to rent kayaks. Does anyone know of an outfitter near the park (I’ll be coming from the Southeast, specifically New York) who rents decent touring kayaks? I would prefer, as I have in the past, to outfit them with 15-17’ sea kayaks (like my Tempest). Most of the outfitters I found online carry transitional touring or recreational kayaks, if they specify at all. Any and all advice is welcome and appreciated.

The outfitter you use will largely depend what access point you enter the interior. While some trips can be done in a kayak, there is alot of carries and I have found the park is better traveled by canoe.

Algonquin Outfitters is a good place to start, for more info on Algonquin try here and here