Algonquin park avg temps

for early Sept. Anybody have some idea?

Dunno about the park, but…
…having just spent last week in Barry’s Bay, a bit to the south, I can tell you to bring a warm sleeping bag. We had daytime highs 70 - 75 and moderate to cool nights, 60 - 40. Folks said the weather stays nice into September.

Chip Walsh, Gambrills, MD

check this site

check all sections, there is a history block which, with a little work should give you what you need. If the location isnt close to Raquette, change it to your actual destination area.

Have fun!


I go there a lot…
was there last weekend and night temps were around +5C. The temps in the park very a LOT on daily basis. The water however was VERY warm and will stay “swimmable” 'till the end of Sept. Usually when I go in late Sept/Oct I always bring a -10C bag and I find it works but dont plan to go swimming at that time.

For all your Algonquin questions the answer can usually be found here. As to temps this year seems to be cooler then most.

Sorry forgot the link