Algonquin Park Canoe Routes?

Hey, Anybody knows about the canoe routes in Algonquin Park? Heard that the park is the home to some awesome canoe routes. My friends and I have already reserved cabins at a Killarney lodge inside the park for the last week or May. Just hoping that’s a good time to visit the Algonquin. At least half of us are ready for this trip, just because of the canoe routes. I have seen some mind blowing pictures of the Algonquin waters. There seems to be a lot of options for canoeing. We’ll be there for only 5 days and some hiking trips are already planned. Can you suggest a couple of the best routes in Algonquin we could cover in a day or less?

Entire forum just for canoeing Algonquin Park. Last week of May could be busy with the Canadian 2-4 holiday in there… But if you choose appropriately not jammed. There may be snow left in the woods and all the portages not yet checked for blowdowns.
Here is the forum The busy put in is at Canoe Lake… I can recommend a five day route that will cover 80 miles and requires some experience.
Or less if that is more realistic… One day for canoeing… just pick a lake off 60 or go to Achray…

its got 1500 km of canoe routes. But you just need a sample. A nice lake is Rock Lake… you can portage to Pen and then retrace your steps. Find the pictographs on Rock. Rock is off highway 60

I used to go there for a solo a year 10 days… Covered much distance… There are many beautiful areas out of a days range.

Kevin Callan has a good starter book on routes. In addition to the site km linked you there’s

Also check out, there’s a “Free Download” with a very nice jpeg map with mileage, times and length of carriers.

I would suggest the Barron Canyon on the east side. You could paddle up and back or one way by shuttling. The Barron Canyon hiking trail offers a good view of the canyon. It’s on the way to Achray.

Also, checkout the logging museum.