Algonquin Prov. Park suggestions please

We’re making our annual pilgrimmage to the Georgian Bay and Killarney. This year we plan to spend a week at Algonquin also. I appreciate anyone sharing experiences, opinions, and suggestions regarding the park. We have a couple recreational kayaks and are tent campers. My two daughters 11 and 12 are happy as long as they get wet everyday. We’re more into nature than social and like space between sites; wife likes to frolic naked wearing a crown of daisies…maybe this is the year?! We also are camping with a dog for the first time; a fox terrier. I have the impression this may limit us a bit. Achray and Canisbay Lake appear more dog friendly.

Any info is appreciated! Thanks.


Dogs in National Parks
Some parks have certain guidelines to follow with pets, might check with them.


Several Years Ago
When I did Algonquin, I believe no dogs were allowed in the areas we paddled. Find your dog a good kennel and you will have a better trip. The best thing to do in Algonquin is to paddle and camp, not going to happen with dogs and kayaks.

Algonquin Park
Most of Algonquin is small lakes. (Obviously, there are exceptions.) And small lakes mean portages. Kayaks are not suited to portaging. Therefore, kayaks are not suited to Algonquin Park. QED.

That said, there is Opeongo Lake; a large lake that would take a few days to circumnavigate, or you could just set camp and paddle in the area.

The Barron River Canyon is very scenic and I believe there are camping sites near.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful.


PS – I beieve that dogs are not allowed, or, if they are, they must be leashed at all times.

See this older post:

Dogs in Park
Check with their web site, but I am sure that dogs are allowed in the park, only in the car camping sites. Which I think is what you are looking for. From these camp grounds you will be able to either put in on the lake there or drive to on of the other lakes along the Hwy 60 corridor, it is not to far between them. Not that much privacy at the camp grounds but you should be able to find some on day trips. You will find alot more privacy in the interior of the park but you cannot take your dog with you and portaging with a kayak sucks.

for the kids their is a great visitors center along the hwy and I think it’s free.

Have fun

While I don’t know the regs on dogs in Algonquin on last falls trip we saw several dogs. None were a problem, but if you take your dog please make sure he’s obedient.

Thanks, eh
Thanks for the responses. We’re leaving Sunday and it couldn’t come soon enough! I rigged up a little trailer to carry 3 kayaks as our Taurus wagon was dragging ass on the pavement last year. Fellow PNetters helped me with my trailer wiring difficulties last Fall…you guys sure are handy!

By Sunday afternoon we’ll have visted Uncle Tim’s (Horton’s), exchanged for technicolor currency, and I’ll have loonies in my pants…the excitement builds. Cheers, regards, and thanks for the input.