Algonquin - Rock Lake to Pen Lake - May

For the last 4 years now,we’ve been doing a parent-kid fishing trip either the first or second weekend of trout season. This year, my daughter decided that I was just too darn slow in writing up trip reports (as in I haven’t got the report of our Temagami trip last year done yet) so she had better do it herself. It could use a little more detail, but I figured it was a pretty good start for a 9 year old.



trip report
I think it is a great report form your daughter. Hope my 13 yo son can do as good.


nice web site
Good idea with the children writing the trip report!

Do you happen to have pics of the barron canyon portages?

Thanks Folks
I was pretty impressed that Madeline not only brought along a notebook for the trip but actually sat down and made notes. If I learned to do that it would probably help me get more of my own trip reports written up.

Cobain_lg - Sorry, we haven’t done a Barron Canyon trip yet so I don’t have any pictures along there.



I dont have any pictures
but did a round trip day trip last year starting at Squirrel Raps and up past the canyon over Cache Rapids…That port is not really cartable…it is easier to carry.

We did not do the next 440 around Brigham…it was time to turn around and redo the Cache portage. I felt kinda sorry for two older people who had SOT’s and coolers and carts and way too much gear for a day trip. They did not want to accept help and their carts simply would not work.

Dont know if you posted this query at

for sure there would be more answers there.

that was the rte i was gonna follow.but due to a injury i am leaning towards portages i can cart for now.thanks for the info!

thanks for the link as well.some interesting reading ahead!While Isort out this flu and get my truck (aka the kayak transporter)out of the shop.