Algonquin this August, ideas wanted

OK folks, I’m open for your suggestions.

Here is my idea for now.

5-7 days


Have Jeff Maps and I’m sticking to the red line portages (well maintained)

Wouldn’t mind staying at the same site for 2 consecutive nights if there are some cool paddle options in the area.

Single carry boat and gear.

Ok here’s the portage part,

3-5 miles (sorry guessing 6400m)

Driving from New York so I was looking at the Western area (Rock Lake) and the Southern section (Smoke)

Thanks CF

Algonquin adventures
Has a forum

Well maintained is probably not what you think

Your geography needs brushing up on

Both Rock and Smoke are southish and wildly popular in August

So you need to reserve NOW

Got permits!
Thanks Kayamedic, found that site a few days ago and lurking around on it. Ended up going with a Smoke access and paddling to Big Porcupine, going counter clockwise into Lake Loiusa, out of there and looping back to BP and up to Smoke. Will hang out there and relax for 6 nights. Have no choice on the dates this year. Hopefully in 5 years when retirement comes then I would love a Fall trip. Health and happiness, CF