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Hi. I’m new to the forum. I did check the archive, but I stink at checking archives so I apologize if I’m asking a question that’s been covered a zillion times.

I’ve been kayaking about five years. I’ve got some recreation boats that I find myself taking into water where they don’t belong and really liking it. Mostly these are fishing trips. The fishing trips have turned into paddling trips with a little fishing tossed in. I want a more appropriate boat.

I’m thinking an all-around WW boat or a long creek boat. I’m 6’3", 220#, size 13 feet with fair to middling paddling skills and fair to middling water reading skills that I’m working on improving.

Looking for suggestions on boats that are suitable for (1) a WW beginner, (2) a big man, (3) someone who wants to take a rod along for flat sections but not a primary fishing boat (meaning reasonable initial stability but not like a rec boat), and (4) has enough material on the bottom not to wear out taking the boat through skinny water.

My short list:

Prijon Chopper

Wave Sport Fusion & Descent

Riot Magnum 72 Expedition (really looking sweet)

Pyranha G3 275 Ignition

Dagger’s got some boats, but their prices are about the same as the boats from real WW experts. I like Dagger boats, but just have an unreasonable & unjustified preference towards a WW specialist manufacturer.

I haven’t sat in or paddled any yet. I’ve checked the reviews section and liked what I saw for each of them that are rated there. I am not opposed to used, but just don’t know how to research older models.

Eliminated from consideration:

Dagger RPM Max (too slicy, not enough aft volume)

Prijon Athlete (same)

Anything with a molded in keel or skeg

Suggestions of why any of those may not be appropriate, and suggestions of what else may be appropriate are welcome.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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If you caan find one…
Here’s a boat that might fit the bill.

Perception quit making this boat in 2000, and it’s only supposed to be used through class IV, but it’s a great fishing boat. It came with deck rigging and a fishing pole holder, lot’s of room for storage and excellent initial stability. It tracks better than most WW boat with it’s single tracking channel. Low points: It’s seat is not as comfortable as a back band, it requires significant outfitting in the hip area if you wish to roll this boat, and it’s not as fast as some narrower river running boats. I’ve paddled this boat a half dozen times and found it quite comfotable. I’m 6’1", 215 lbs, size 12 shoes.

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If You Build It…
…they will come. You hear that, Perception? I know plenty of people who would LOVE to get that boat. Can’t understand why Perception doesn’t make a few, surely they still have the mold. Last few I’ve seen on E-bay went for more USED than they probably did NEW. Haven’t really seen a kayak similar to the Axess. If someone would build one, I’m sure they could sell 'em! WW

Kind of wierd replying to my own reply, but here goes. A buddy of mine (who probably posts here) thinks the Torrent hull is similar to the Axess, even though Torrent’s an SOT. I’ve paddled a Torrent, but not an Axess and found it pretty sweet for the price ($400 used is readily available for Torrent). I know a few fishermen who use the Axess and love them, but you’re right about the price. I just can’t bring myself to pay more for a boat used than it cost new and still have to drive two states away to pick it up.

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...the Torrent is ANOTHER hull perception chose to discontinue. That's another boat I would like to try. I believe Boyscout here has one. Haven't seen their new "Caster" models in person, but doesn't have the rocker the Torrent has, so won't be as maneuverable. WW

Odd decision
Here in Old Virginny most of the outfitters that teach WW to novices use the Torrent as their primary 'yak. It’s very popular in this area at least. It makes me wonder why they’ve come out with three models of the Swifty under different names and have discontinued their entry WW boats. They don’t have any current creek models in their line-up either. The WW boats in the current line up are all itty-bitty shoe box lids.

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You can probably find a Torrent…
though. Perception made it for I would guess five years or so. The Axcess was only available one season in the backcountry version, and i think two seasons in the standard. You might want to give Perception a call, maybe they will mold one out for you. It’s doubtful, but maybe worth the time.


Prijon Combi
And now I can’t find any US web pages with that boat listed. But it looks to fit your bill…