All Around Use SUPs

Hello all,

I’m looking into getting an inflatable SUP, but I wanted something I could use on the beach as well as the river. Is there anything in this category? My googling skills seem to be deficient in finding the correct search term for this. Thanks in advance!

You may need to decide what you mean by " the beach" does that mean ocean with surf, down winding, touring or just flat water? And for the river, what kind of paddling would you be doing, flat water or whitewater? If you want to just do flatwater for both there are hundreds of "all around " inflatables on the market. Check that the one you buy is from a recognized brand that has shops that sell that brand and model and don’t just advertise on the internet. Most inflatables you find by just googling are going to be junk. Beware, there are also junk brands in the reviews and ads on this webpage.

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“All around” is the correct term. It might help your search if you searched a specific reputable brand (heeding @SeaDart warning) then find the all around ISUP you want.

I haven’t bought a new SUP in years because my Surftech boards are still going strong.

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I’d say something that could handle class 2 and lower, not so much as a SUP but when converted to kayak. In the ocean, not sure really since I have zero experience in anything tidal. I don’t think I’d be interested in “surfing” per se, maybe exploring sheltered estuaries, that sort of thing.

If you want to sit down, just buy a kayak, SUPs that convert to sitting platforms suck performance wise.