all-day paddling

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I took my Pamlico 140 out on the private lake and paddled it for about 95 minutes. Very fun. I was doing really good !!! I went fast, tuned perfectly and I learned to avoid all obsticles. then I went to city park lake and tried out some boats at RMA demo day. all good boats that I tried. I paddled manitou, manitou sport, manitou 14, dagger blackwater 10.5, and prijon combi. I paddled aout 10 minutes on each of them ( around 80 minutes on my Pamlico 140). I thought the manitou sport was exelent, very stable so it was easy to turn but still had nice speed. But I loved Pamlico 140 best, I went the fastest in that boat, very comfy, and it seemed like the Pamlico 140 could haul alot more gear than some boats. So, Pamlico 140 is my all-time Favorite. I was paddling as good as everyone else !!

I wanted to try this echo 12, But it was a display boat on the grass. I never knew that I could paddle as good as I did. and in my opinion, My Pamlico 140 had coolest style, so I'm 100% satisfied. I just Love my Pamlico 140 !!! I did not try the prijon capri 'cause a lady capsized in it and my dad said it was hard to balance. I lost balance alittle once, but I was in a manitou sport, a stable and erginomic kayak. I'd say all boats I tried were great, but still like mine the best. great day !!

Glad you’re happy with your boat…

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...for now.

When I bought my Perception Shadow 3 years ago, I thought it would be my one and only true love forever. Now I have two others that I paddle more.

My kayak is sandy now

You’re VERY observant
You can wash the sand off with a hose.

Glad you love your kayak. 30 years from now you’ll be thinking “yeah that was my favorite flatwater kayak”, the “do-dah 6.2” was my favorite whitewater kayak, the “peachy keen” was my favorite playboat, the “cruiser 17.9” was my favorite ocean kayak, but once you discover canoes(probably due to arthritic back and knees) you’ll say “if I’d only known…”:wink:

LOL! You got me.
I just sold my favorite river running kayak and converted my sea kayak to a row boat. Boy does my back feel better.

my Pamlico 140
I’m keeping my Pamlico 140. It will be my kayak for as long as I paddle. So I will just have my Pamlico 140.

LOL (snort)

dang he is a young’n

Y’all Crazy
I think I’ll go plug in Napoleon Dynamite.


Right On!
Hey Pamlico 140,

Don’t let these old guys get to you…

Yes, I have other boats I paddle more often, but I’m pushing 30 years of kayaking, and I still have and enjoy my first boat.

It’s responds to my every thought because I have grown to be a part of it. (although it does ride a bit lower in the water these days)

In spite of it’s dated features, it’s still wonderful to take out and enjoy the unique character it posesses.


cool !!