'All in one' seat

I have a Wilderness Tarpon 130t and need to get a seat that can be used in the rear when tandem paddling and in the middle for solo. Im new to this and as I researched I have found multiple clip on seats that double as rod holders, coolers, etc. For some reason Im skeptical, probably lack of knowledge, but does anyone have any experience with these type of seats? If not, any suggestions on a good seat that can be used in the front and back. Im 6’1" 220… Thanks

not familiar with these but looks like a good one. if it were me i’d try and come up with something more useful. thought about replacing my middle with an “ice chest” seat which would have a lot of modified functions.

Surf to Summit
I’ve got a Surf to Summit seat that fits the description you gave. It’s terrific. There’s not much padding for your bum, but the lower back support is nice to have, it gives you something to push against to lock in better when in swift water, I use the rod holders on it, and the pouch on the back of the seat is convenient for putting a small dry box with my wallet, keys, and phone into. While I don’t know your precise expectations, the seat met my expectations and has proven to be more durable than I expected as well.

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sit on top seats
Three pages of them for sale here at:


I’m certain Brent could sell a lot of seats if he wanted, the store here at paddling net mostly carries hard to find accessories and ads for other suppliers.

Most of the sit on top seats do work well in either the back or the front position, but you need to adjust the straps to move the seat to a different position or a different boat.