All terrain cart question

These carts look pretty much the same in spite of the different brand names.

Anyone have experience with this type cart, specifically in sand?


Haven’t used those carts, but looking at the narrow tires they would not work well in sand. The narrow, hard tires work fine on hard pack or pavement.

For sand, I use a Wheeleez one with big balloon tires. Something like this:

Both are Swedish carts handy for navigating steps and rocks and roots
Used in northern areas
But totally unsuitable for the beach
We used one on the Bowron Circuit and on some trips in Maine
Not on the beach.

Thanks…wishful thinking. I have a Wheeleez with sand tires but it’s kind of a slug on mixed terrain of pavement, rocks, then sand and more stones.

My only concern is those tires, as above they seem hard and narrow for sand. My cart doesn’t have way fat tires but they are air filled so I purposely leave them a smidge underfilled. That way I can usually coax them into going over bands of seaweed and smaller rocks on the beach in Maine. I fill the tires more fully when I am back home often with paved parking lots and ramps.

I did just see a cart with fat tires that are airless on Amazon. I have gotten used to being able to change my tire pressure but there may be an argument for airless I don’t know.

The guides at Painted Rocks were using those, but not on Sand.

They’d run the yak on the cart down the boardwalk then flip it off the cart at the stairs for a slide down to the beach. Kinda seal launch to the sand.

Just an FYI - LLBean has the same Swedish walker on sale through Aug 5 for 20% off and free shipping.

Steel frame will rust around salt water even if powder coated.

On the rust, you have to take the wheels off after each use around salt. Any cart. . But they are usually on with basic cotterpins/loops. So no big deal.

Steel tubes still rust. Aren’t some made with aluminum? C-Tug is plastic.

The only salt you’ll find up here in Great Lakes country is on the roads in the winter.

…or in a salt mine.

But water is water and causes rust. All that salt does is make worse. I doubt you can put away steel parts wet and not risk it seizing

Indeed, there’s still rust. Lots of rust. Just no salt water. :wink:

I find northern winter salt to be more corrosive to my trucks than beach fishing in Florida. Just hit the cart with water rinse when you wash the kayaks and truck.

Not sure why the cart would get wet, unless it was raining. I wouldn’t be putting it in the water, just hauling the boat on it and a few drips from the hull can be easily wiped off. An application of T-9 would protect it from rust (in case it fits into my stern hatch).

Thanks @carldelo for that LL Bean link. That’s a good deal.

Rookie, water can drip on the cart from your boat when you take out. And there is ambient wetness like on a beach. Paved parking lots and ramps tend to be a little drier. I have a cart in the basement that is toast because I put it away for the season and forgot to take off the wheels. I have tried all the rust dissoving stuff and nothing has worked.

The more I think about it, the better I like the idea of that cart, not just for the convenience of unloading the boat to the cart in one easy step then adding needed gear, but a 16-inch wheel is nicely high. And it would carry the boat level. The Boeshield T-9 has kept the antenna of my PLB rust free, which is never removed from my PFD pocket, so it should work on the cart as well.

I’m pretty attentive to gear, without fail rinsing my paddle ferrule, daisy-chaining my straps and tie-downs, always hosing down my boat when I get home, hanging stuff, etc. so a quick wipe down of the cart would take just a second.

Wish it was as much fun being attentive to my housekeeping as to my gear…

I haven’t used that cart in salt water but just in fresh. I have the older model which has air filled tires. I have a tale of finding a flat tire and no pump a mile down a portage in the Maine Woods . Others may have had the same which precipitated the use of hard tires.

I have never given my cart special care . Its about 15 years old.

Thanks for that positive info. Did the LL Bean order last night. Will take my kayak for a walk as soon as it comes in.

I see you bought what you were looking for but decided to post what I bought in case another reader is interested.

We have 4 sea kayaks, 2 - 16’ plastic (66#), 1 - 19’ tandem plastic (100#) and a 17’ kevlar (48#).
This cart works well with all of them. Have used for several years over sand and rocks on the beach.
This cart floats, can be taken apart with no tools and carried with you in a hatch, great for landing on islands.
Hope this helps.