All twisted up and going in the bushes

I have to tell this story about a fisherman I know near and dear. He was fishing in Randleman lake with some friends. He was intent on some serious fishing while the friends wanted to paddle off. He decided to change lures going to a nice jointed Rapala with double trebble hooks fairly new and sharp. Somehow while changing lures the wind picked up and blew him into the overhanging bushes on the shore. Hooking the forward trebble hook into his left underarm sleeve while hooking the rear trebble into his right thumb holding the rod in the left hand paddle laying across his lap. Have you ever heard of such a mess. Now to the tricky part, the rod was now tangled in the bushes as well. He was frantically looking for the bait knife to cut the line and get the tension off. Now the rod could now be laid down,as he looked hoping that either trebble hook was not in past the barb !@#$%^%&^&*( both trebbles past the barb. He put the lure in the grasp of the right hand and pulled trying to rip through the left sleeve. Now to the pain, pushing the trebble far enough through the thumb to expose the barb. Thankful to see those fishing pliers with the side cutter and the wonderful snap let me know the barb was gone oops yea it was me but I kept on fishing with the Rapala with one less barb.

see , that’s what happens when you …
… play with sharp pointy things !!

Seriously though , you had to of had a pretty sore thumb afterwards , ouch . It’s a shame that one couldn’t have been preserved for posterity on video … might a been worth 50 thousand on that old show Ameriva’s Funniest Videos .

So , did you catch any fish ??

did you catch fish

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Yea as a matter of fact I hooked a three pounder with the same Rapala that hooked me. It was a floater so I let it stay on the surface and pulled it slowly stopping every little bit for a couple seconds.That bass jumped up out of the water and landed on top of that Rapala serves him right. Them Rapalas don't play they are a little on the carnivorous side. Yes it was sore as the dickens,it's all healed up now though good for me. This Randleman lake is a great lake to fish but it has a lot of snags.

you said “lots a snags” , lol …
… yeah agreed , those Rapala gang hooks are mighty pointy little beast .

Nice catch !!

hooked and didn’t know it
Yea, that thing hooked me in the twinkling of an eye. It was so sharp I didn’t feel it I noticed my finger felt wet. I guess I was kind of preoccupied. I have a new respect for it and like to keep an eye on it’s where abouts in the boat. Strange things just happen when you are kayak fishing you know. I have caught it a time or two when moving things around trying to sneak up on me! But I will remain ever vigilant as to its where abouts now. Good luck everyone!

That’s the thing about paddling and fishing. Sometimes you get pre-occupied with some fishing sort of thing and boat handling goes out the window. I’ve done the same sort of thing myself. It’s why I carry a pair of scissors on a zinger on the front of my vest. I can cut line in the twinkling of an eye.

  • Big D

Not a multitasker
Yea Big-D, It’s hard to do ten things at once. Trying to preform light surgery and navigate a 12’ boat out of the brush while getting tools out of pants pockets is definitely preoccupied. Especially negociating wind and drift a multi-track mind is a good thing to have. Wish I had had one. But I still keep an eye out for that Rapala.