Allagash 50th Auction Reminder

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Maybe the Allagash is on your bucket list. Maybe you've done it a few times. Maybe you finished the Northern Forest Canoe Trail in Fort Kent after carrying through from the Penobscot. Maybe you read Thoreau's North Maine Woods and recall that he got lost on Mud Pond Carry. Whatever your your connection to the river, count your blessings that it was not flooded to construct the Dickey Dam however many years ago.
Greater minds preserved the passageway as a wilderness route 50 years ago. Many have worked together since then to keep it accessible and as wild as possible. The constant battle to keep it accessible and limit change will go on through our lifetimes and beyond.

To celebrate the 50th there have been several celebrations scheduled. One is happening this weekend in Allagash.

Also and the reason for this reminder, there are fund raising auctions underway through September 1st with all proceeds benefiting the waterway. The prime "prize" is a one time 50th anniversary Atkinson Traveler Wood and Canvas built and donated by Rollin Thurlow, waterway advocate and canoe building legend.
Also up for auction are other items including several fine Shaw and Tenney paddles and a guided trip down the river.
Here is a link to the auction and links to a few other related topics.

To be clear, I am not involved in the auctions and have no skin in this game other than being an enthusiast who has paddled the Allagash (from Greenville) numerous times...I also happen to have one of Rollins Travelers and consider it to be a fabulous boat for backcountry trips.

nice lookin’ canoe
and the ad says they used spruce from Baxter State Park- wonder if they had to sneak it out or if the park let them harvest a tree?

It’s legit
All legit…a good deal of the wood was picked by Trevor, the Ranger at Michaud Farm Ranger Station.

The rails are from an experimental farm so not snuck out of the park. Did you notice the thwarts! I would love to find a few pieces of wood like that for my next build…

The bidding on the boat is still far below the cost of a new standard Traveler and this one is a one of a kind…the Shaw and Tenney paddles are also still below their value…

Plus a stand

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and a stand made of wine barrel staves.

Here's the canoe with the whole gang at Churchill Dam in July