Allagash - Big Water Boat

We’re considering our first trip to Maine this summer. The photos I’ve seen of the Allagash make it appear more suited for my Horizon 17 (little rocker, rear seat farther forward) rather than the Prospector 16, which is my normal river boat. Am I correct? Thanks.


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I bet you wouldn't notice the difference.

Whichever one works better in the wind would be my advice.

Go with what works
We’ve done it in 16’s and 17’s. It’s not a technical river, we go heavy, and long, and enjoy our week on the river.

That’s what I thought
The bigger boat will be it then. No sense in J-stroking myself to death when I’ve got a cruiser. Thanks for the answer.

Im going to vote for one
While the Allagash is not a big water river, the last two years have had substantial summer rains.

If you happen to hit that time with river levels around three thousand cfs you are going to have a devil of a time with a boat with little rocker. The eddies tend to wash out and if you are camping along the river that final move is a “must make” move.

I have done the river in everything from a 15 foot boat to an eighteen foot Kevlar but timing is everything. The Allagash has been running with more water in the last two years. Who knows how it will go this year?

Of course if you are on the big lakes you will appreciate the bigger boat.

BTW Chamberlain may still be down from the Lock Dam repair. If so you wont be able to float the creek below that dam but will have to make a 700 meter portage (cartable)