Allagash Canoe Company info

This is my first post. I recently bought an older 17’ Royalex canoe for 60.00. The gunwales were rotted and the seats destroyed. I plan on replacing everything this week and should have a decent family canoe for around 200.00.

The owner said he remembers the name Allagash on the side. The serial number plate has fallen off and there are no other identifiable marks on her. I am guessing Royalex as the hull looks like two skins sandwiching what looks like a cork kind of material.

Any info on Allagash or guesses would be appreciated.

Part of the history

was bought by Stowe Canoe back in the 80’s from a guy in Kittery ME and then Stowe(maker of Tubbs) dropped canoes in the 90’s.

Yep, They be history…
I had bought a new Allagash canoe about 30 years ago. Being in the same boat as you (more or less, our gunwales had rotted about 10 years back), I tried locating the manufacturer and found out that they were no longer in business.

You should be able to replace the gunwales with new plastic ones and should be able to find the caning style seats somewhere, look online or contact a local paddle shop and see what they can find for you.

Royalex Allagash??
I don’t remember Allagash or Stowe using royalex. They were both very low volume composite builders. If they sold a royalex hull it was probably from another manufacturer and just trimmed by them.

Could it have been an Allagash model by another manufacturer.

Also most royalex hulls have the serial number molded into the top edge of the hull under the gunwales.


Old Town used to have an Allagash
canoe but the lettering of that model would have been on one end.

It was renamed the Penobscot 164 and 174 and is in polylink.

That said the Allagash model years ago may have come in Royalex. Its one riddle of many in the canoe world.

Thanks! I ran into the same riddles doing my own research. All the guy I bought it from could remember was that it was an Allagash and that it was Oltonar. The guys at fernalds just told me it was a tripping canoe and showed me the plastic gunwales that will fit.

Should be a fun project none the less.


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Its an Old Town. Oltonar is a trademark of theirs.

I am looking up the model on an Old Town CD Catalog collection from 1991-2000. And my computer is not liking the keeps locking up.

This little innocent question is leading me to a battle with the electronic monster.

While I got into the catalog the only page with the Allagash model is a polylink model and one year..1993.

Allagash Canoe
There was an Allagash Canoe Co Francestown NH circa early 80’s they made a 17’ royalex boat called the Endurance. By the mid 80’s they had moved to South Berwick Me and dropped royalex boats but still made the Endurance in glass.

This could be it
Old bill this may be it! I am picking up Gunwales seats etc and will post a pic when done.

Fernald’s Marine

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I bought my Penobscot there. Nice people and best prices on OTC within a 100-mile radius, at least back in '90.

Talked to Mr Fernald. He gave me the complete lowdown.

Its an Allagash made in New Hammy in the 80’s. The hulls were made by a company in Maine And Allagash finished them off. The company was sold a couple of times and ended being owned by Stowe canoe who ended up moving to Long Island and getting a contract to make subway car bodies from fiberglass. Very cool stuff…

Installed the Gunwales and deck today. Tomorrow yoke and seats.