Allagash - Chase rapids shuttle

I have read that the ranger will shuttle your gear around the rapids for a fee, but will they shuttle a person and kayak around the rapids? One member of our group is dead set against running the rapids as he is going to be in a sea kayak, and I don’t want to to stop the trip earlier than we had planned. Please help!

Yes they will…
shuttle whatever you have.

Note to the rest of you. Next time I run Chase there will be ‘SOME’ gear in the boat to add weight. Two years ago running them empty we rode too high and it was a totally different ride.

The rapids aren’t bad, lots of fun.

is it because
the sea kayak is fiberglass or perhaps not maneuverable enough? He’ll be missing out, those rapids are a blast (and we even took some relative beginners thru there).

I suppose if the boat fits in the back of his truck and you have a way to tie it down the ranger won’t mind shuttling it.

lots of new video on youtube
enter chase rapids part 1 and so on.

shuttle $10.00
The ranger will take your boat but if your friend is worried about hurting his boat at Chase Rapids he will have a lot of other places to worry about also. The river is wicked low right now and there will certainly be some more places where you will scrape bottom and bump into some rocks. Class II Twin Brook rapids may be a but boney but I suppose you could line or portage it.

Maybe we’ll get some rain in the near future.

Here’s the water level link