Allagash Endurance Canoe Info

I just picked up a free canoe today. The only identification is the name on the side “Allagash Endurance”. It is a 14’ glass solo canoe, and it needs replacement of most of the wood (inwales, outwales, thwarts, bow and stern deck plates), the seat is good. After searching on the net, I can’t find any info on this boat. I was hoping to be able to find replacement parts as well as a review of this canoe. I have been kayaking for years, but this is my first canoe.

So… any info that you may offer in regards to getting parts or where in New England I may go to get it repaired would be great. Also any info as to the paddling characteristics/review of this canoe would be great.

Allagash Canoe Company

– Last Updated: Sep-25-06 2:35 AM EST –

According to the Coast Guard Manufacturers database, there was an Allagash Canoe Company in New Hartford, Connecticut, that went out of business in 1992.

The EPA lists an Allagash Canoe Company in Portsmouth, New Hampshire that was in business in 1985, but doesn't show anything since then.

Since the company has been out of business for quite a while, it's highly unlikely that you will get original parts. However, any shop that does repairs should be able to replace the wood parts. It's a pretty straightforward process. You may as well get a new seat while you are at it unless there is some reason that you are particularly fond of the old one.