allagash lake, maine

has anyone paddled this lake ? everything i have read so far says its difficult to get there.any first hand knowledge ?

The Allagash Wilderness Waterway by nature is designed to have limited access and is remote although I wouldn’t call it dificult. It is a long road journey to any of the put-ins but once there you travel in that country by canoe. Allagash Lake is not a pass thru on the traditional Allagash routes so it tends to be more of a destination. A very pristine place.

The DeLorme Gazeteer will show the two stream put-ins to the north/west (4 miles down to the lake) or you can slog the 6 miles up from Chamberlain. In any case, depending on water level you may be zipping along, flatwater paddling, paddling upstream, or dragging. Standard Allagash wandering. Best time for brookies is probably early June. Worst time for bugs is early June. Best water is usually early - mid June.

Allagash campsites are usually top-notch backcountry sites. The rangers take great pride in providing a quality experience.

There are tons of write-ups on the web about Allagash Lake . . .