Allagash Lakes

Spent last week on some of the upper lakes of the Allagash Waterway. The river was showing signs of being low the spring so we opted for the lakes.

We started at Chuchill dam and went south, ending up at Thoruea Campsite on Pillsbury Island, Eagle Lake.

We did a lot of cooking and baking.

Great weather until the end. We paddled 15 miles back up the lakes in the wind and rain.

ice caves
Did you have a chance to make it into the ice caves?

great pics thanks for sharing-

this is on my to go to list!


sweet sweeper

The ‘Ice Caves’ are up on…
Allagash Lake. We were down on Churchill and Eagle. The end of the month I’m headed to Allagash Lake but plan to stick to the eastern shore. It will be mid-trip and will still have to deal with Chamberlain Lake and the wind. That and it’s my first solo, so I don’t want to spend any time stuck on the west side just to see the caves.

There’s a lot to see down on Eagle besides the locomotives. Old growth forest on the Sober Brk, Arrowhead/tool make rock (chert) in Smith Brk and 130’ White Pine arcoss from Pillsbury Island. Not to mention great fishing.

We had a great time and I’m going back.

oooh very cool- will be watching for your pics of your next trip.

I have made it to the Debsconeag ice caves, i just find it amazing that there is ice & snow in them in august. maine- so much to see- so little vacation time!! :slight_smile:

happy paddling!


nice area in good weather sweeper…
Nice pics…