Allagash Loop ?

Has anyone paddled into Poland Pond SW of Allagash Lake E of Round Pond?

There’s a campsite on the N end of it. It looks like and interesting pond.

Also I see there’s one on Daggett Pond, E of Round Pond.

I need a side trip to add a day or two to the loop.

Poland / Daggert
Been to Poland and Daggert many times, and of the two, Poland is by far the most interesting. The campsite at Poland is set high on a small Island. Approach it from the south end. There’s a short steep trail leading to the site. Lot’s of moose in this area. Head north and check out the stream that leads into the Frozen Ocean. If you have the time, do a few lifts over the beaver dams you are sure to encounter. You never know what may surprise you. If you can, spend a whole day exploring Poland.

There is know official site at Daggert. There is a bootleg site on the right just as you enter Daggert from Little Ciss Stream. You would be better off camping at one of the two sites at Round Pond and paddle in from there. There is a private hunting camp on Daggert. Never seen anybody there. The best part about Daggert is the paddle in from Little Ciss Stream. Lots of wildlife opportunities.

That’s what I figured with Poland, it looks like a very interesting lake.

I don’t think I’ll have time for Daggett also, next year I’ll do it in a week and a half and spend a day there.

Is Shallow Lake more of the same?

Thanks again

Shallow Lake
I was told by the outfitter at Loon Lodge that Shallow Lake was just as the name implies. Not worth the effort. Though this did not deter me from trying to get in there. It does look interesting. I did attempt it once from Daggert, but the stream was nothing but a trickle. Another time I tried from the logging road that passes close to it, but the road in was way to rough for my minivan. Maybe a high clearance vehicle could have gotten in there.

I would have to…
come in from Daggett. I’m too far away to do a special trip to Shallow Lake.

I think next year I may plan the loop trip for a week and a half to get into some of these other lakes and ponds, but this year Poland Pond is on the list.

Thanks again