Allagash River Trip

My first ever trip down the Allagash is coming up in a few weeks and I’d like to ask a few questions of you who have paddled it before.

We’ll be starting at Churchill Dam, any campsite recommendations?

Do the campsites have a thunderbox or equivalent?

I see there’s a short hike to a tower at Round Pond, is it worth the stop?

Is there any place in the town of Allagash to get a good evening meal?

I’m really looking forward to our trip to Maine. My wife is especially excited. She’s a lobster fanatic! I wonder if I can trade with some free range, grass fed ribeye steaks from Illinois. :slight_smile:


Campsite preferences are so personal

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I like Chisholm Brook , Long Lake Dam , inlet at Round Pond in particular
If you and your wife want single cell sites it's best to refer to a map. The ones I cited are multicell meaning there could be other parties nearby

All sites have thunder boxes
There is a general store in Allagash Village. No dining per se. StFrancis is closest
No lobster up there. Get poutine. If you only knew what lobster eats you'd be way past that.

I agree with Kayamedic
Those are very nice site choices. There are others of course. When are you putting in? I will be up there and putting in, probably at Chamberlain Bridge, on June 13 or 14. Plans often change - but that is the current plan.

What lobster eats ? …
…I’m guessing you’re not too big a fan of pork products either ? LOL Love the Allagash area, but haven’t been there since 1976. Great lobster at Old Orchard Beach, and you’ll love their ocean !

OOB is five and a half hours
from Chamberlain Bridge… and some 9 from Allagash Village.

That is a long way for a lobster roll…thanks for reminding me… I live an hour north of Portland and lobster is on sale.

We make our own. Never buy in a restaurant except for one…

Dysarts in Hermon… Exit 180 I 95 just barely west of Bangor. No ambience its a truck stop but last year two lobster rolls were $16.95 with fries. OOB prices are five dollars more for one without fries.

What do lobsters eat?
Doesn’t sound that bad to me, I also eat fish, crab, clams, mussels, and lobsters.

From NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center

“Lobsters usually move around and hunt for food at night. It was once thought that lobsters were scavengers and ate primarily dead things. However, researchers have discovered that lobsters catch mainly fresh food (except for bait) which includes fish, crabs, clams, mussels, sea urchins, and sometimes even other lobsters!”

We’ll be about a week behind you.

If you are looking for a real meal
St. Francis is pretty thin - just a store if I remember. Best to drive on to Fort Kent where you will find few decent restaurants.

there is a diner in Allagash
"Two Rivers Lunch", a rustic spot right next to Tylor Kelly’s Camps and just a short way up the road from the new takeout.

Lobster? stop somewhere along the coast on the way home.

The hike to the Round Pond firetower seems longer than it looks on the map and there is a strenuous bit at the end… worth it if you have the nerve to climb the 70’ tower and have a look around. The tower is posted off limits but the ranger told us they don’t know who put the signs up. It’s a nice cool walk through the woods over a couple of stream crossings, with many varieties of mushrooms, evidence of moose and I even saw a pine marten who barked at me. You’ll also see evidence of logging operations which gives you a more complete perspective of what the Allagash is all about.

Inlet at Round Pond was our favorite site by far. Most of the sites are good and well maintained, but don’t camp at the falls; you’ll be disappointed. After the portage we went downstream to McKeen Brook. That was a pretty spot to take a refreshing dip in the river in the afternoon sun.

We were there last Sept., email me if you have any questions

If you buy along the coast most tourist restaurants will NOT remove the rubber bands before cooking. It ruins the taste to leave them on… Necessary during pounding to alleviate those little buggers cannibal instincts. So be picky!

The coast at this time of year doubles travel time… Especially in Wiscasset. If you want to have a lobster roll there Red’s robs. Spragues across the street is more reasonable.

I eat lobster all year round and we live inland. And I buy inland. If you go through Greenville, Graves serves lobster.

The coastal drive is nice but be aware that Rt 1 does NOT run along the coast except for short stretches.

The turnpike and I 95 will get you from a to be much faster.

Two Rivers closes at 3pm.
Just be warned if you are later. No dinner.

Thank you very much for the answers to my questions. I think we will make the hike to the tower.

Also, thanks for the offer to ask you more.