Allagash River

Hello all: Some years back my wife and I did the entire lenghth of the Allagash, Telos Lake to the town of Allagash.

This year we’re looking at staying only on the lakes.

I am curious about putting in at Indian Stream and leaving my vehicle there. Is this doable or would a shuttle be necessary to this area??

Thanks in advance, Matt

Check the web site
Go to

Look at the information on the Allagash. A complete survey was recently completed and is available at this site. Also, read the rules which designate the allowed parking areas. Have a wonderful time!

PS According to the survey, 9 percent of the visitors were in kayaks, but I never saw another kayak during seven days in the lake area in late August/early September. I saw only three canoes. I understand it is crowded in mid-summer.

Thanks Hermiting. That’s a wealth of info. They seem to have Indian Creek listed twice under two different headings, so I’ll have to maybe write the main headquarters and ask for some deciphering on there part.

Thanks again, Tony

i don’t want to go there…
afraid I will get abducted by aliens. :frowning:

Allagash - Indian Stream
I plan on putting in at Indian Stream to do the river this summer. The outfitter I contacted for car shuttling told me there is only a very small parking area at Indian Pond. You’d be much better off leaving the car at the ranger station by Chamberlain lake.

Krister: Might I ask who you contacted for the shuttle? Thanks

I’m with…
hdove7… dem woods up North are crawlin’ with aliens. They’ll beam you up on the spaceship and do wierd things to your body.

I was up there 2 years ago and got creeped out by the Allagash abductions. (read the book while I was up there) I don’t believe in aliens or the supernatural, just my god. But this is about the closest any story has come to convincing me that there are bad aliens out there.

‘The Allagash Abductions’ by Raymond E, Fowler -1993

-got it to have some junk reading while spending a week around Allagash lake.

Allagash outfitter
I contacted Pam of Kathadin Outfitters based in Millinocket, but i will probably use Norman L’Italien of Pelletier’s outfitting in St Francis whom I have used a number of times before.

Their web sites are

another if Norm is full
I have used Norm and also Sean Lizotte of Allagash Outfitters in Allagash Village.

Dave Butler ( runs trips leaving Indian Stream regularly. Not sure if the trailer gets left there or moved right away from the parking lot.

Hi Krister: When we did the Allagash some years back we used Norm for our shuttle, as we were getting out at the end in Allagash. This year we’re staying up top on the lakes and thought it would be out of our way to go clear up to Norms. He is a very reliable person, though.

We have finally hooked up with someone for our shuttle. I can only hope they are as reliable as Norm was. They are called Nicatou Outfitters. If you know of them, are they reliable??

Thanks and take care, Matt

we’re back
Howdy: Thanks to all for the helpful info.

We put-in at Allagash Stream and paddled down to Allagash Lake for two days and part of the next. Then paddled down to Chamberlain Lake and on to Eagle Lake where we spent 5 days on Pillsbury Island. Then we paddled back up to Chamberlain Bridge where our truck was waiting for us.

we used Nicatou Outfitters and they were great. Very accomodating and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone. I intend on posting a trip report if you folks care to read it.

Thanks again to all, Matt