Allagash- Stowe Canoe Company

We are borrowing a 17’ Allagash fiberglass canoe made by Stowe Canoe Company. They are now out of business. I’m guessing by the HIV number that it is a 1995.

We would like to buy this boat but have no idea what is a fair offer.

Any way to find out how to price a used boat? This is not the Allagash by Old Town.


I am familiar with those boats -
but how long is this model? What is the condition?

Allagash price
The 17’ Allagash is probably the nicest paddling hull ever made by the Stowe Snowshoe & Canoe Company. In good shape and in fiberglass it would be worth $500 since there is nothing at $500 new that is close to this hull. In kevlar it would be worth more. Use the condition of the hull and the trim (gunwales, thwarts, seats) as negotiating items when setting the price.


Condition is good.

Minor scratches.

Hull in good shape.

Been sitting in a farm field for several years.

I don’t know -
maybe $300?

Farm field and seats and thwarts
bet you will need to redo them all. $300 sounds right.

these boats are not worth much - fortunately for you I suppose. I owned the smaller sister to this boat and sold it last year. I had already replaced the gunwales and the boat was in really good condition. In the end I got 350 bucks for it.