Allagash Stream

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I’m wondering if anyone has paddled Allagash Stream into Allagash Lake and Allagash Stream into Chamberlain Lake. I’m planning a trip this month and would like some info ahead of time.

I’m planning on leaving my car at Chamberlain Bridge and getting a Shuttle above Allagash lake on the stream and starting my trip there. Finishing at my car at Chamberlain Bridge. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Check on water levels
with a ranger. It has been fairly dry up there .

You might for sure need a pole and not a paddle.

Allagash Stream
I did Allagash Stream into the lake from the north a couple of years ago, and also a few years before that. It had changed dramatically during that time. The first year I don’t think we encountered any beaver dams. The second time down there were two or three.

The trip in is fun, we usually end up paddling, wading, swimming, and lining the canoes in. The leeches were waiting in the wading spots. :slight_smile:

Allagash Stream

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Hi wccanoe:
My wife and I are planning the same trip as Sparkster is planning.
What time of the year did you do your trip?
Did you encounter any sections that could conceivably get really thin if there was a lack of rain?
It sounds as if the stream was fairly deep, especially with the beaver dams in place.
Did you do the Ice Caves?
Did you climb Allagash Mtn? If so, was it worth the climb?
Any other info would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Matt

Allagash Stream…

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The last time I did the northern section of the stream into the lake to visit the ice caves was 2 years ago in August.

The spring runoff was high this year, so I expect conditions in the stream to have changed since then. There's a chance some of the dams washed out etc.

Yes, there were sections that we paddled, we pulled over at least two beaver dams, and we lined the canoes back up much of the stream. The lower section of the stream before the lake is deep and paddle-able.

One year I went down the outlet of Johnson Pond. That's another option for ya, and it avoids some of the shallows and dams in Allagash Stream. The outlet is narrow and encroached with alders. Your mileage may vary.

Ice Caves are worth the trip in. Bring a flash light.

I have not climbed Allagash Mountain, but it is prominent. I bet the views are great.

I have not paddled the section of the stream to Chamberlain.

did the lower section
paddled upstream from Chamberlain to Allagash Lake, spent a night or two there, and back down to Chamberlain and on to town of Allagash in 1982.

The river between the two lakes should have plenty of water - one portage around the small falls, and a few rocky sections if I remember correctly.