Allagash trip - suggestions/advice

I’m hoping to do some paddling on AWW this summer and it’ll be my first trip. I’d like to avoid some of the larger more populated areas. I was looking to start at Allagash Lake and paddling down to North Maine Woods. I’m not sure though about the carry from Allagash Lake to Round Pond/Ciss Stream. I’m also unsure about legal places to put in/take out.
Any advice, suggestions would be really appreciated!

I was laying over in round pond and took part of the day to scout out the portage trail on the round pond end…it became very confusing and hard to follow- like a multitude of snow mobile/skidder crossings- that was 30 years ago. I paddled Ciss stream a few times when it was low- felt kind of like a drainage ditch with lots of frogs. The gem was dagget pond but never actually stayed on the pond, just paddled around. Round pond was good for moose. Unfortunately many of the yellow perch we caught had parasites in (round pond).